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Aug. 7th, 2011

tommy of the rugarats

Writer's Block: Parlez-vous francais?

What other foreign languages do you know? Which one(s) do you want to learn?

I know spanish, a little Korean, and a little Japanese. Although I'd like to learn more Japanese and Korean.

Dec. 3rd, 2010

tommy of the rugarats

Writer's Block: Since you've been gone

Do you keep in touch with any of your exes on LiveJournal or other social networking sites? When an ex friends you, do you usually friend them back? Why or why not?

This is so weird. I've actually been going through this right now. My ex tried to add me but I denied him.

Oct. 20th, 2010

tommy of the rugarats

(no subject)

Chapter 5: Reunion Pt.2

"May i have this dance Yuki-chan?" he asked as he held out his hand.

Yuki noticed as Tsukushi began to move forward, though before she could lunge towards him, Yuki reached her hand out to touch his. She felt a shock run threw her body as they touched, but ignored it. As they walked to the dance floor she glanced back at her friends who were staring at them with a concerned look on their faces.

"Nishikado-san". she whispered as she slightly bowed, trying to regain her calm.

"You look beautiful Yuki." he told her as he placed a hand on her waist while the music began to play in the background and they began to dance.

"Thank you Nishikado-san." She said looking up at him trying not to forget the last three years and the reason why she was here now. He always had that effect on her. He could make her so angry that she could hit something, but just a glance towards his direction she would forget everything. Forget why in the world she was mad in the first place, god how she now hated the affect he had on her.

"Yuki-chan why did you leave?" he asked his voice a little strained. Me why did you leave me he wanted to say but couldn't.

His question had taken her a by surprise though she was already expecting it. She knew he wouldn't care much and had probably never really noticed she that she was gone. She swallowed a little as she tried to even out her voice.

"It was time for a change Nishikado-san. I had an opportunity at a new start and i took it." She was a little surprised at how cold her voice came out.

"Why didn't you tell me that you were leaving?" he said as he pulled her closer by his side.

"Because it didn't matter Nishikado-san. We weren't anything but friends, barely even that remember?" She asked as she looked up him.

As he looked down into her eyes he noticed something in her had changed. This was not the same Yuki he had once known. Now she was different inside and out. There was something about her that challenged him, that made him want to know more.

How could he have thought that she would be the same. Especially after three long years had gone by with out him seeing her. He took a breath as he looked at her, a breath that seemed like he had been missing since she had left. Finally Yuki was back, his Yuki. Finally his air had come back to him.

"Thats not true Yuki-chan we were friends. We would talk everyday." He remembered the long talks they had before. How she would constantly call or leave him text messages. How the hell could he have been so idiotic not to realize the love he had for her.

"Of course when you needed my advice on choosing a gift for one of your girlfriends." She told him bitterly. "Or when Akira was to busy and you had no one else to go to. Other than that you hardly spoke to me."

No matter how much he wanted to deny it she was right and he knew it. He still couldn't believe how stupid he was to let her go. How could he have not realized how much he loved her before she left? She had left him hallow, miserable and incomplete. He surprised at how he managed to live this long after he realized he was in love with her and she was already gone. Taking into account all the druken nights, faceless woman and bar fights he had gotten into. He realized how much damage his idiocy had caused her by the tone in her voice, and thought to himself where in the world he would begin getting her back.

He watched as he saw his fiance dance with the Nishikado Soujiro. He didn't know the man personally but he had learned much about him through his company and his business contacts. He was heir to the Nishikado fortune and would soon be taking over his fathers place as head of the company. He also knew that the Nishikado Soujiro was rumored to be one of Japan's most notorious playboys up until three years ago when he mysteriously quit the lifestyle.

No one was sure as to why that had happened, he thought as he watched the man dance with his fiance. He was talking to one of his fathers associates as he watched them on the dance floor. Ichiro couldn't wait to finish up this conversation to get back to his beautiful fiance. He wanted nothing more than to take her away from here so they could be hadn't had a single moment alone since stepping foot in Japan due all the arrangements taking place for their upcoming wedding.

He knew that tonight wasn't any different, as he had to entertain his fathers clients. Though he longed to by Yuki's side. She was all he could think about as he stood there talking to the man before him. As he glanced towards the couple on the dance floor once again, Ichiro couldn't help but feel slightly bothered, As he saw the fire of passion in Nishikado Soujiro's eyes as he looked down at his fiance. He also noticed how stiff and uncomfortable Yuki looked dancing in the mans arms.

Ichiro quickly excused himself as he walked over to the dance floor twoards his fiance and the man with his arm around her waist.

"May I cut in." he asked as politely as possible, wanting to separate Yuki from this man as far as he could. He could sense the anger coming from the man next to him, and he could also sense the relief coming from his fiance.

"Ichiro." Yuki said as she looked up at her fiance. "Of course you can." Yuki said as she pulled away from Soujiro who wouldn't let go of her hand. She could sense anger coming from Soujiro and tried to think of why he was so angry.

"Ichiro-kun, this is Nishikado Soujiro a friend of Domyouji-san. Nishikado-san this is Mishima Ichiro my fiance." Yuki said as she smiled up at her fiance. Without saying another word Soujiro let go of her hand and stalked off towards the bar.

"Yuki-chan are you OK?" Ichiro asked. "I saw from across the room you looked a little nervous." He told her while he held her tightly.

Yuki didn't know what to reply she thought as she looked up at Ichiro who was waiting for her to reply.

"Im fine Ichiro-kun, Im just a little tired." She lied as she didn't know what else to say. Yuki had an extremly horrible and guilty feeling in the pit of her stomach for lieing to him, but she didn't know what else to tell him. Especially putting into consideration this was the man who had been there for her when she needed someone the most.

He gave her the comfort and security she needed to feel in her life more than anything else in the world, but she knew her heart still belonged to Soujiro. She also knew that keeping that part of her past from Ichiro was wrong but at that moment Soujiro was the last thing she wanted to think about. He was the reason she fled and the person she wanted to forget most. Though looking back at it now, she realized it had all been in vain.

She looked at him now, standing at the bar and realized that even though she had not seen him in the last three years, her love for him had grown stronger. She swallowed as a lump arose in her throat and looked back up at the man holding her. Ichiro loved her more than she could have ever asked for, and he didn't deserve her doubts, she thought as she placed her hand in his as the song began to end and they walked over to Tsukushi and the remaining F3.

Oct. 17th, 2010

tommy of the rugarats

Writer's Block: Past the expiration date

What's in your refrigerator right now?


Sep. 2nd, 2010


Yes or No.

Thinking about deleting my LiveJournal. Just a thought now, have to thinik about it some more.

Aug. 7th, 2010

tommy of the rugarats

Love Me Chapter 3: Dinner

Disclaimer: I do not own "Hana Yori Dango"

A/N: For those of you who felt Tsukushi was too mean in the last chapter, I apologise. I was trying to make her a little more "tough" to fit how she was on the drama, and I guess I went to far. Here is chapter three. Please read and review. I hope you enjoy. :)!

Chapter Three: Dinner:

Rui glanced down at his wrist watch. According tp his watch it was already twenty mintues passed six, which meant he was late. He may not be being expected, but he was still late none the less. Earlier that day Tsukushi had called him asking him to take her place in a dinner she had planned with Yuuki.

~Flash Back~

Rui reached out on the table to answer his now vibrating cell phone. He excused him self from the board meeting which had just ended, and walked off to answer his phone. By the amount of missed calls, he already had a clue as to who the caller was.

"Hello Tsukushi-chan." He said as he answered. He could hear Tsukusa shouting in the background.

"Hello Hanazawa-san." Said Tsukushi on the other line."Stop shouting, I'm on the phone!" Rui heard Tsukushi's muffled voice say. "Gomen Hanazawa-san. I called because I was wondering if there was something you could do for me?" Tsukushi asked getting straight to the point.

"What is it that you need?" He asked. He knew that Tsukushi would not bother asking unless it was something important.

Well the thing is," She let out a deep sigh and continued on. "I am supposed to be having dinner with Yuuki-chan tonight, but Domyouji reminded me that we were supposed to be meeting with my parents. Some how it seemed to have slipped my mind." She said sounding a little surprised. Rui knew these things rarely happened to Tsukushi if ever, she was normally the one who could remember it all.

"Makino!" Rui heard Domyouji shouting in the background again.

Tsukushi ignored her her husband and kep on. "I was wondering if-" She started before Rui cut her off.

"If I could meet Yuuki-chan in your place for you." He said.

"Oh would Hanazawa-san?" Tsukushi begged.

Rui looked at his watch. He didn't have any other bussiness meetings planned for the rest of the night, but he had planned on going over some paperwork and then heading off to bed early. "Have you asked Soujiro or Akira?" He inquired.

"Wha-What? NO!" Rui had to pull the phone away from his ear, due to her loud shouting.


After a few seconds Rui put the phone back up to his ear. "You do know she isn't the same Yuuki-chan anymore, don't you? She's changed Tsukushi-chan."

"Nope. It doesn't matter in my book, she will always be the same!" He could her the sincencerity in her voice.

"Please Hanazawa-san, I've tried calling her but the call doesn't go through. And I wouldn't want her sitting there alone waiting for me when I wont be coming." She told him.

Rui breathed in a heavy sigh. "Where was it that you were supposed to meet for dinner?" He asked. He loved his friends, and if it were in his power, he would do anything for them.

"You'll do it" Tsukushi asked sounding relieved.

"Yes." He replied.

After a few minutes of "thank yous," and "I owe yous", Rui had written down the resturaunt information and called his driver to give him the new details.

~End of Flash Back~

"This night is going to be intersting." He thought to himself. He had never spent much time alone with Yuuki-chan, and he was curious about how this night would unfold. Whenever he saw her it was mostly in group activites when she would accompany Tsukushi. They never really talked much either, due to the fact that whenever around she would focus all her attention towards Soujiro.

A little bit of him felt sorry for her at times. He knew how his friend was, and he knew Soujiro would never love Yuuki. He was into a certain type of woman, which Yuuki most definitely was not. She was too innocent and naive for Soujiro's taste.

Although if last night was clearly any indication, things have defiently changed now. He walked into the bar and immediately noticed a crowd of men forming at the bar. He was about to turn away in search of her, when he spoted her at the bar in the middle of the crowd. She was wearing a black, one shoulder dress that was cinched at the waist.

It fit her body perfectly not missing a single curve, which Rui had never noticed before. He also noticed how the rest of the room could not take their eyes off her, and yet she did not look the least bit phased. He turned his gaze back at Yuuki who was now looking at him with a smile on her face. He then realized that he had been staring, and she had caught him. He recomposed himself and started his way towards her.

"Konnichi wa Yuuki-chan." Rui said bowing his head.

"Konnichi wa Rui-san." Yuuki said , bold smile on her face as she bowed. "What are you doing here? Is Tsukushi-chan alright?" She questioned with a concered look on her face.

"Tsukushi-chan is fine." He said reassuringly. "It turns out she was supposed to have dinner with her parents and it somehow slipped her mind. She tried calling you but you didn't answer." He told her.

Yuuki pulled her cell out of her bag and showed it to him "It kept on ringing so I turned it off." She replied. The amount of texts and calls she had recived today had become so annoying she shut off her phone. Seeing as Tsukushi had been trying to reach her, it might not have been the brightest idea.

"Well," He said politely smiling at her "Since were both already here, would you like to have dinner?" He asked her.

Yuuki smiled up at him, and then looked back over her shoulder at the group of men staring at them. "Sorry boys but," She turned her head back to face Rui. "It seems like my date has arrived."

Being the gentleman that he is, Rui held out his arm for Yuuki, which she gladly accepted. Once seated at their table , they began reading their menus, the air around them a little akward. After the waiter came and took their orders, Rui was the first to speak up. "So how do you feel being back home?" He asked.

"Faboulous." She replied. "Korea was life changing, but I missed Japan immensly." She fell in love with Korea, but a big part of her couldn't wait to be back in Japan. Show everyone that she wasn't the same old weak, lovesick Yuuki. And that's exactly what shes going to do.

"Korea is beautiful around this time." He agreed.

She smiled akwardly at him and nodded her head along with his statement. She was still a little uncomfortable. Her cousin had taught her everything she knew. How to act in situations alone with all types of men. How to giggle,tease,flirt, all of that. With the typical man this situation would be easy, but Rui wasn't typical. He was...different. "No." She thought to herself, she should just act as she normally would.

She looked up from her plate and put on one of her cousins "killer" smiles. "And how was you summer?" She asked.

Rui looked up from his plate ready to answer when suddenly he stopped. Yuuki's simle was so beautiful it took him by surprise. He mentally recomposed himself and then answered. "It was nothing compared to yours." He joked. "It was full of work and dull meetings, not much else." He explained

"No time for sleep huh?" She teased, giggling the way her cousin had taught her.

He put on a mock sad face "None." He laughed.

"Sounds horrible." She laughed back staring at his face. Not a little giggle, but a real from the soul type of laugh. Rui wasn't the unintersting type of person she thought he was. He was funny and he knew how to take a joke well.

After finishing their meal, they walked out twoards Rui's waiting limo and driver.

"How about we go for a walk instead?" She asked.

After pondering the thought for a second Rui agreed. "Sure." He shut the door to the limo and told the driver to follow behind them just in case he was needed.

The first few minutes were walked in silence, when they passed by an ice cream shop. "Would you like some ice cream?" He asked her.

"I'd love some, thank you." She told him.

They walked inside the shop and Yuuki quickly picked her favorite flavor. Upon paying Yuuki had noticed that Rui hadn't gotten any ice cream. "Aren't you going to order one?" She asked.

"No, I'm fine." He answered.

"Come on, you can't let me be the only with an ice cream." She said. She then pouted her bottom lip and gave him the puppy dog eyes, the way she had so many times back in Korea. Knowing that no one could resist her like this.

"Wow." Rui thought to himself. Yuuki really is something, how could he say no to her like that. She looked so beautiful, so innocent, so... He shook his head clearing him of his wandering thoguhts. "Fine." He said.

They walked out of the ice cream shop and continued their walk. Suddenly, out of nowhere Yuuki bwgan to laugh hystericaly. Rui turned his head twoards her and saw that she was staring at him. "What's so funny?" He asked.

Yuuki was laughing so hard, it was difficult to stop. She held out her hand a pointed a finger at his face.

"What?" He asked becoming a little annoyed. Why was she laughing at him like that?

Yuuki put her hand over her mouth to try and control her laughter. She could tell that he was becoming annoyed, which only made her laugh harder. Finally she regained herself, and pointed up to his face again. "Gomen Rui-san." She apologized. "But you have some ice cream on your face."

Rui pulled out a napkin from his coat pocket and wiped off the ice cream from his face. He still couldn't tell why she thought it was so funny. "So you think that was funny?" He asked.

"Yes." She replied

"Well what about this?" He asked moving closer twoards her.

Already sensing what was coming Yuuki tried to move out of Rui's reach. "No!" She yelled out, but it was already to late. Rui had managed to get some of his ice cream on Yuuki's face. Rui immediatly started laughing at the look upon her face. She looked so annoyed he thought it was kind of cute, espicailly with the ice cream on her nose.

"It's not funny!" She said, pulling out a napkin and attempting to wipe her face.

Rui continued laughing, as he shook his head indcating she was wiping off the wrong spot. He held out his index finger as he pointed to her nose. After another failed attempt, Rui took his napkin and reached up to wipe Yuuki's nose. He was slightly taken aback by how smooth her face was, and let his hand linger for a few seconds.

After that the rest of the walk to Yuuki's was silent. Once at Yuuki's house, Rui walked her up to the door.

"I had a wonderful night tonight Rui-san, thank you ver much." She told him honestly. She wasn't expecting it, but she really did have a wonderful time with him.

"So did I." He told her and he couldn't help but smile. It was true, with Yuuki he had had one of the best nights tonight that he had had in months. And it was all because of her.

"Would you like to come in for some coffee?" She asked.

He had to admit the offer was appealing, but it was late and he had work to do before going to bed. "I'm sorry but I can't, I have some files to go over before tommorow."

"I understand." She told him. She then reached up on her tip toes and kissed him on the cheek, a few inches away from his mouth. "Good night Rui-san." She smiled tentivly at him.

"Good night Yuuki-chan." He waited until she went inside, and then walked back to his limo which had followed them to Yuuki's. He sat back as he made himself comfortable, while he processed the nights events in his head.

Inside, Yuuki made her way for the couch and kicked off her heels. "Why is something so pretty so painful?" She asked herself. She reached over to her coffee table and picked up her cell phone. All she did was press the on switch and her phone was flooded with missed calls and text messages.

Some of them were from Tsukushi, to whom she would apologise to deeply tommorow. Others were from people she had met while she was in Korea. But the name that showed up the most, the one which made her smile a little bit was Soujiro's name. The texts he had sent her were not that far off from the ones she had sent him over the years.

"Hello Yuuki-chan."

"Would you like to have dinner."


"This is Soujiro by the way."


And those were just someof the messages he had sent. A few of them seemed a little desprate. Did she really used to be this pathetic? "Nevermind" She said to herself, as she shook those thoughts from her mind. It didn't matter anymore, now she was changed. A completly new person, she didn't have to think back at the past anymore. And thats just what Soujiro was, the past.

It had taken all her strength, but she had done what she thought impossible in Korea, she had gotten over him. She healed her heart once again and moved on, and she vowed it would be the last time. She was sick of being weak and letting men take advantage of her kidness. Now she was the one who would break hearts, and not care about what happened after. This was her turn to get back at them, at her ex, at Soujiro, at everyone who had ever seen her as anything but weak.

She went to the delete app. on her phone and deleted all Soujiro's texts. After shutting her phone off again, she went to her room to get ready for bed. Tommorow was going to be a long day, and she was going to need all the sleep she could get.

A/N: Hehe wierd everytime I pictured the bar scene in my head 2PM's "10 on 10" MV kept playing in my head.

So here is chapter three, I hope you enjoyed. I wasn't sure how to pair Yuuki and Rui since they never spent much time together so I wrote from what I thought would work best. Please leave me a review.

Aug. 1st, 2010

tommy of the rugarats


Oohhkk well I just found out something horrible. Not sure why but for some reson out of the blue I suddenly diecided to upload my stories and stuff up to my little usb drive. Which means thankfully I have all or most of my stories saved (excpet for the most recents works ). Well now to the bad news. I haven't been working on "Lost But Not Forgetten" lately, but I know where it's going and had a small part written already. Although my laptop crashed and I'm using my mom's computer which unfortunately doesn't read the file. I don't know what to do, it says it can't convert/read the file. Does anyone know how to fix this type of problem? I want to try updating it soon.

tommy of the rugarats

Writer's Block: Out, Out Damn Spot!

Have you ever been passionate about something to the point of an obsession? If so, how did it impact the rest of your life? Did you ever (or would you want to) break free?

Yes. Right now as a matter of fact, I am currently obsessed with KPop and everything about it. It's made me want to start learning to read/write and speak Korean. I also want to go to Seoul sometime next year (and I might actually get to go :]!! ) No I don't want to break free from it ever lol. The music is soo incredible, and some of the singers are just so talented, and have amazing voices. Although I would love to loosen it's grip from me a little, because all I think about sometimes is Kpop lol, which can be a tad inconvenient. Especailly when I need to write a new chapter for my fanfics.

Jul. 7th, 2010

tommy of the rugarats


Oh dear god lol, I can't even remember when was the last time I actually posted something on here. I mean really posted, not just answered the "Writer's Block" questions. I really miss my LiveJournal lol. I guess maybe because it's the closest I get to writing these days.

Well for some updates on my life:
I was kind of dissapointed for a while because, the concert I was so excited to see (Wonder Girls) was cancelled :(. I was on the website finally about me dissapointed because one it would have been my first ever concert ( yeah I know lame right lol ), second because the Wonder Girls is a girl group from Korea and I live in America, and most Asian bands that I know of hardly ever come to America, and especially not to where I live in Florida.

Oohhkk next new topic. I have been progressing very slowly in writing my fanfics. The one I'm working on now is IHOH Chapter ten. I can'treally say if I'm half-way, more than half-way, or less because I want this chapter to be really long.I want it to be set as an explanation for thos who did not understand Chapter eight. I'm also working on LBNF Chapter four and LM Chapter three, so don't think I forgot about those :).

Mostly right now though I spend alotof my time reading. I just finished both Lauren Conrad books and I thought they were pretty good. I also finished a book called The Book of Luke, which is a book about a girl from Chicago named Emily who moves back to Boston her senior year and tries to reconnect with her old best firend's. As a project for the senior time caspule, Emily and her best friend's Josie and Lucy decide to make a guide book on how guys should act other than how they do act. Then they realize in order to prove the book works they have to test it out. And what better subject then Luke, Josie's exboyfriend who broke up with her via email.

I also read another book called Story of a Girl, about a girl named Deanna. Deanna was 13 when her father caught her and 17-year-old Tommy having sex. Three years later, she is still struggling with the repercussions: how Tommy jokingly made her into the school slut; how the story became legend in her small town; how her father looked at her then--and now doesn't look at her at all. And at the moment I am reading a book called Perfect Chemistry. A book about I guess you could say a "good" girl named Brittany and a "bad" boy named Alex. Both are from different sides of the town, and are brought together in chemistry classdue to assigined seating. The story is really good so far and I'm only on chapter seven. All of these books are very good and I would recomond them.

Wow now how did this go from a simple update into a book review lol? Oh well I guess, stay tunded for IHOH Chapter ten, should be updated sometime soon :).

tommy of the rugarats

Writer's Block: More than words

Which song lyrics send shivers down your spine and really hit you emotionally?

Theres a few actually, but at the moment the only one I can think of is Emotions by Destiny's Child. I played this sonq over and over aqain when my qrandmother died.

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